Mafia 3 review for PS4 -mediocre game

The story is very simple here: Clay returns from Vietnam to his ultra religious gang who has problems with the Haitians and all of this happens in New Bordeaux in the 60's, New Orleans practically. From Haitians we get fooled by the Italian Mafia, that shoots Clay in the head and kill all his friends.

Clay teams up with local gang and uses his contact from CIA, to destroy the empire of Sal Marcano, chief wop. In our trajectory we meet Vito, the protagonist of Mafia 2, now in a secondary role of failed mob. The game itself is a third person shooter open world game with a system of hierarchy that reminds us a little of Shadow of Mordor with the basic idea that if you kill enough lieutenants, the big boss will appear in order to fight with him.

The difference is that here those grunts don't climb in rank and they don't hold grudge like in LOTR games. And if things sounded pretty good so far, now let me tell you the bad parts. If in the beginning you will get caught in the cinematic and gritty air of the game, you will see that soon will be routine. At first you may ignore this aspect, but you will notice at some point that Mafia 3 recycles locations and missions and this not an aspect to ignore.

The producers of the game are proud of the fact that they have created a big open game world, bigger than in the previous Mafia game, but this is all for nothing since the game is full of recycled parts and does not offer a variety of missions. The atmosphere from New Bordeaux is excellent, full of jazz and Mardi Gras, voodoo and gossip and so - a real 60's atmosphere. This aspect may be the one that saves the game from being a total failure.

Money is a little hard to get around here, although you will find them in piles during your missions, but you will be charge big every time you will die. AI is not exactly the smartest in the world, but at least in this game we have a well-adjusted target here.

Mafia 3 has a story behind it pretty good, but the protagonist and the repetitive missions kind of ruin it, plus the places that are recycled. It's not a bad game, but it is not a perfect one and at the moment is not worthy of its price.